Teaching and Learning From Developers Internationally

At Headspring, we’re proud to have amazing leaders who are experts in the industry. Jimmy Bogard, our Technical Architect, not only excels at Headspring but also enthusiastically participates in the global development community. He recently went on a “world tour” to teach and meet developers in Ireland, England and Ukraine.  Jimmy had the opportunity to speak to the following groups. For more information about what information was presented at each event, click here.


While the way we program is universally similar, it’s interesting to think about how similar and different developers are around the world. Here’s what Jimmy had to say about his experience:

“One of the insights I found consistent in conversations from all the developers is that it seems that no matter where I go, the problems and passions remain the same. Everyone’s smart, everyone’s passionate, and the things developers’ care about are similar everywhere. We read the same blogs, books, and even use the same gadgets (when we can afford them). The only global issue was whether to code in English. People don’t pick English just because an American or Brit is on the team.  What if there are Ukrainians, French or Danes on the same team? The common language is English. We have a hard enough time picking a programming language, but picking a spoken language is even more interesting!”


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